To those who love history, there are not many feelings similar to exploring some physical part of the past. Often, these can come in the form of marvelous buildings like forts, castles, universities and religious institutions. These all have in common that they are big, imposing and almost impossible to miss, while they usually tell great historical stories about kings, famous scientists, artists or religious leaders. However, there is also a lot of history in stories about people’s lives before they became famous in their lifetimes. These stories are connected to their homes and buildings they occupied at some important point in their lives. But, in spite of their significance, finding historical homes and dedicated tours of them is often very hard. For everyone who is interested in this type of visits and experiences, here are the best resources to find historical home tours near you.

Online Forums

Most historical online forums are frequented by people who genuinely love history. A lot of them are really interested in their local past and notable figures, which is why they are among those people who will have plenty of insight on historical homes in a certain area. Additionally, others who visited these tours will usually share their experiences and provide valuable information on them. Because of this, niche historical forums are one of the best resources when it comes to finding historical homes in your vicinity.

Official Regional Websites

Official websites of cities, towns, counties and parishes are not something many people regularly frequent. But, on them, there is a big chance that some content was posted about historical homes in their territory. Sometimes, these homes are big tourist attractions, but on other occasions, they might be something only the locals know about. Because of this, an official website for that wider location will have all the reason to spread information about them and their tours. This way, they are boosting their local economy by bringing in tourists, so they are definitely worth checking out.

Biographies of Historical Characters

Many notable people from history have a lot of publications written about them. Those who lived in a more distant past will often have a range of books on them, allowing for even more sources of information. In all of these books, the life of the individual in question will be detailedly examined, along with places he or she lived in during the course of it. With good biographical books on local figures, anyone can find locations and addresses of historical homes and there is a good chance that many of these will be near them.

Using Social Media

Often, when you have a question, the best way to answer it is to ask people about it. Social media is here for this exact purpose and it can be utilized to find historic homes. By simply asking people on some of the big social media networks whether they know any worthwhile locations like this in their area, you will be able to find many hidden gems in a matter of hours. The great thing about social media is sharing, so do not forget to ask your social media friends to spread the word about your questions. This will generate you even more potential answers about interesting locations and historical tours of those same places.

With these resources, you will be able to find plenty of great historical homes and tours near your place of residence.


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The Best Resources to Find Historical Home Tours near You