There are numerous haunted historical places that each one of us grew up hearing scary mythical stories about them. Memories of such places easily cause shivers to anyone when mentioned. Nowadays, this haunted historical homes make wonderful tourist destinations. It will be unique of you to save some time on your road trip and visit some of this scariest places. Just in time for Halloween, we have compiled a list of top haunted places for low budget trips that could offer refreshing moments. Read through and look out for those nearer to you and plan on you’re a visit.

Whaley house in San Diego

To start this list is this scary home in San Diego CA. It is considered by many in this country to be the most haunted home. The place is surely scary with mythical stories of how a ghost used to live there. The most known ghost is Yankee Jim characterized with loud boot stomps which were often hard in the mornings and evenings banging down the stairs. It reminds many of how scary it used to live on this side.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Located in Louisville KY, this amazing place used to cause chills back then. It represented death and pain to many people. This place was so prominent that it had its own zip code. It was opened at a time when tuberculosis was the real threat to humanity. This place was thus constructed to help handle the disease. The unfortunate thing is that the idea failed spreading the disease more to other states. The facility allowed patient visitation not knowing that the disease was airborne thus spreading like a world fire. It really reminds many of disaster when mentioned.

Moundsville West Virginia Penitentiary

Ask anyone who spend time here or happened to have lived anywhere near this place and you will hear some hesitations. This place was a real deal to live by with. It was basically a jail build host 200 inmates. Unfortunately, things went wrong and the facility could host more than 2000 inmates! Life was really bad here. People could hear screams even during the day. Scary shadows are still in the minds of most people who ever spend a day at the facility. You can easily feel the chill when you walk in the corridors. You might just experience scary footsteps, loud bangs and screams. It is really a dreadful place to visit.

Sloss Furnaces

It’s now a national historic landmark located in Birmingham AL, but this place represents so much fear and pain for anyone who worked there. A day here and any worker’s chance of dying was at 90%. People used to die either from heat, gasses or even faulty equipment every day. Death was a normality here. It really makes our list of haunted historical homes.

Winchester Mansion

To sum up our list is this scary mansion in San Jose. It was built by the Lemp family which owned the largest brewery company back in 1901. The eldest son took over when the parents died but was also murdered in what saw a spree of other killings over from generations. It will be worth your time to stop by these homes and have a look.


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Amazing Haunted Historical Places To Consider Visiting