Amazing Haunted Historical Places To Consider Visiting

There are numerous haunted historical places that each one of us grew up hearing scary mythical stories about them. Memories of such places easily cause shivers to anyone when mentioned. Nowadays, this haunted historical homes make wonderful tourist destinations. It will be unique of you to save some time on your road trip and visit some of this scariest places. Just in time for Halloween, we have compiled a list of top haunted places for low budget trips that could offer refreshing moments. Read through and look out for those nearer to you and plan on you’re a visit.

Whaley house in San Diego

To start this list is this scary home in San Diego CA. It is considered by many in this country to be the most haunted home. The place is surely scary with mythical stories of how a ghost used to live there. The most known ghost is Yankee Jim characterized with loud boot stomps which were often hard in the mornings and evenings banging down the stairs. It reminds many of how scary it used to live on this side.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Located in Louisville KY, this amazing place used to cause chills back then. It represented death and pain to many people. This place was so prominent that it had its own zip code. It was opened at a time when tuberculosis was the real threat to humanity. This place was thus constructed to help handle the disease. The unfortunate thing is that the idea failed spreading the disease more to other states. The facility allowed patient visitation not knowing that the disease was airborne thus spreading like a world fire. It really reminds many of disaster when mentioned.

Moundsville West Virginia Penitentiary

Ask anyone who spend time here or happened to have lived anywhere near this place and you will hear some hesitations. This place was a real deal to live by with. It was basically a jail build host 200 inmates. Unfortunately, things went wrong and the facility could host more than 2000 inmates! Life was really bad here. People could hear screams even during the day. Scary shadows are still in the minds of most people who ever spend a day at the facility. You can easily feel the chill when you walk in the corridors. You might just experience scary footsteps, loud bangs and screams. It is really a dreadful place to visit.

Sloss Furnaces

It’s now a national historic landmark located in Birmingham AL, but this place represents so much fear and pain for anyone who worked there. A day here and any worker’s chance of dying was at 90%. People used to die either from heat, gasses or even faulty equipment every day. Death was a normality here. It really makes our list of haunted historical homes.

Winchester Mansion

To sum up our list is this scary mansion in San Jose. It was built by the Lemp family which owned the largest brewery company back in 1901. The eldest son took over when the parents died but was also murdered in what saw a spree of other killings over from generations. It will be worth your time to stop by these homes and have a look.


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Best Historical Home Tours to Visit Worldwide (Part 2)


When we talk about travelling we are always in search for something that will amaze us not only with its surrounding but also its energy. In this article we are going to talk about the best historical home tours worldwide so you will get the chance to experience what history has left us from this point of view!

What we will do is present you some Home Tours that you can take yourself and that should really deserve your interest. We will start with Houmas House Plantation and Gardens. What is special about this place is not only the fact that will stun you with all the design of the home and not only but also its history importance. It used to be a important plantation that grew almost 20 million pounds of sugar each year in the past. We will leave you if you have the curiosity to discover more things about it and see why we consider it to be one of the best historical home tours to visit worldwide.

Our next place is Lyndhurst is a country house that can be found in New York. It was designed in 1838 and what is interesting is the way it was built. Having interesting turrets but also asymmetrical outlines it’s really interesting if you are the kind that loves to check out first the design before making a decision.

Another best historical home tour to visit worldwide would be the Meadow Brook Hall that is found in Oakland and that promises indeed a unique experience from any point of view. You will be impressed not only by its surroundings but also what you will discover inside of it. It has amazing artwork including paintings and sculptures. So if you are an art lover you will definitely have fun in there and you will discover its historic place value.

Choosing the best historical home tours to visit worldwide is for sure not an easy task. That is why most of the times you will be searching for the best info about the topic. However if we refer certain places for you this doesn’t mean that you will enjoy each one of you. So what can you do in order to make sure you will not be going to a place that you might end up not enjoying.

Well the answer is quite simple if you know what you really enjoy about history and places then combine them both. Let’s say that you have a curiosity for Europe and you want to see there some home tours that will really impress you. This can be done easier than you think with just a simple online search lists of home tours will be available at your feet. After you have checked our recommendations because we can’t list all of them you can literally start packing in the next few days and see yourself going to that respective place. So are you ready to make your own best historical home tours to visit worldwide?



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Historical Homes, Part 1

A historic house meets a few criteria before being recorded by an official body as “historic.” The building is no less than a particular age, depending upon the guidelines for the individual. A second element is that the building is in unmistakably the same structure as when it got to be historic. Third is a necessity that either an occasion of significance happened at the site, or that a man related to the house was connected with the site, or that the building itself is vital for its engineering or interior designs.

The following are the best historic homes that have lived for a very long period which everyone dreams of paying a visiting at least once in their lifetime.

1. Isaac Bell House Newport, Rhode Island

The Isaac Bell House in Newport, Rhode Island, is a most loved of Ian Wardropper, executive of the Frick Collection in New York. This 1883 McKim, Mead and White Shingle house doesn’t at first look outstanding. Inside the house, it is fascinating as you see all the amazing work of the engineering and fancy furnishings inside the house. The house is filled with traditional Japanese fixtures and pieces of equipment.

2. Castle Hill Ipswich, Massachusetts

A much more captivating “Awesome House” on the coast of Ipswich, Massachusetts, Castle Hill embodies the finished summer homes constructed in the American Country Place time, around 1840–1930. This 1928, 59-room Stuart-style house is outfitted in antiques, including fancy, imported wood carvings by Grinling Gibbons (1648–1721), whose work additionally graces England’s Hampton Court and Blenheim royal residences.

3. Naumkeag Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Naumkeag, in Stockbridge, Mass., is the best of planner Annabelle Selldorf, well known for her work redesigning great properties. It is a Stanford White Gilded Age bungalow, an astounding case of the Shingle style with all around kept up the interior that indicates how individuals inhabited the turn of the century and past. Built in 1885, Naumkeag’s rooms are framed in cherry, oak, and mahogany. The house is flawlessly arranged with a mix of field area and formal greenhouses including the brilliant ‘Blue Steps’ by Fletcher Steele, a progression of four, dark blue wellsprings, flanked by stairs; that plummet into the greenery gardens.

(Here’s a video tour you can enjoy. Article continues below.)

4. Olana Hudson, New York

With its impressive view of the Catskill Mountains and Persian-enlivened outline, Olana, craftsman Frederick Edwin Church’s all around safeguarded residence over the Hudson River in New York, has enchanted from its begin in 1870. There is no other site which can compare to the Hudson River School of painting. The Moorishness of it are likable, and one can see where the craftsman of the house worked and lived. Surrounded by 250 sections of land that Church designed, Olana contains numerous unique decorations and furnishings which are original, and you can’t find them anywhere else.

5. Lyndhurst Tarrytown, New York

South of Tarrytown, New York stands Lyndhurst; the turreted Gothic Revival house once claimed by investor Jay Gould. Designed and developed by architect A. J. Davis in 1838, who later extended it, this lavish home showcases several fortunes, including furniture by Davis and Herter Brothers, in addition to artistic creations by people like William-Adolphe Bouguereau among many in a fantastic angled roof display.


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What Features Make A Historical Home Interesting?

Almost every historical house is always associated with a rich legacy, royal heritage, and significant history etc. That’s why these places are inevitably interesting too. However, there are several other aspects that also make a historical place absolutely interesting and important. If you’re looking for the features that make a historical home interesting to its visitors, then this article will reveal the top five features that make a historical place incredibly interesting.

The Top Five Features That Make A Historical Home Interesting :

1.History : Heritage historical buildings typically have greater potential for interpretation & telling interesting stories if the original occupants of that building were pretty well known in the community. If those occupants made a notable contribution to the respective community in terms of political, social, economic, or cultural activities, that makes the place even more interesting and significant. Also, if the building had witnessed any event of historical importance, for example, formal signing of any significant document, an important meeting between two prominent people, or a famous trial, then that historical home eventually becomes more interesting to its visitors.

2.Architecture : Generally, historical places feature a great yet unique architecture. Many of these significant buildings really have considerable architectural merit and sheer architectural excellence by the quality of their unique architecture, materials, & craftsmanship. Sometimes, the designers and builders of these historical structures can bring a comprehensive knowledge of building history (like design, knowledge of materials & construction techniques etc) to the subject. Whether it’s a public building or a substantial private building, every historical home highlights a particular architectural style and tradition that makes it even more interesting.

3.Environment & Atmosphere: Historical buildings combined with a unique appearance are always treated as special & important. Examples are town halls, schools, churches, large & ornate houses etc. Few other abandoned places can also embody distinctive characteristics especially those historical homes are considered more interesting because of their spine-tingling, unconventional, thrilling, and pleasurably frightening atmosphere.

4.Integrity : Few historical buildings may survive for years without any significant change. They may undergo pretty minor changes and do not necessarily or adversely affect the architectural value or historical character of that building. While, other may require undergoing some significant changes such as removal of original materials, new addition, new window openings etc that can affect a historical building’s original appearance. But, it’s utmost important to retain its “integrity” as much as possible. And when a historical home retains its integrity or still equally convey its historic importance and significance through the retention of its original design & materials, the place surely becomes more interesting to its visitors.

5.Landmarks : The historical homes that possess exceptional quality or value in interpreting or illustrating the heritage of a society or community, are designated as nationally significant historic places or prominent landmarks. They are further recognized and protected for their contribution to the aesthetic and cultural heritage of a nation. Those historical places, for example, archaeological sites, spectacular sculptures, and engineering structures with gorgeous interiors carry an outstanding significance that makes them an extremely interesting place to visit.

Undoubtedly, these aforementioned top five distinctive features make a historical home both unique and interesting.

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The Best Resources to Find Historical Home Tours near You

To those who love history, there are not many feelings similar to exploring some physical part of the past. Often, these can come in the form of marvelous buildings like forts, castles, universities and religious institutions. These all have in common that they are big, imposing and almost impossible to miss, while they usually tell great historical stories about kings, famous scientists, artists or religious leaders. However, there is also a lot of history in stories about people’s lives before they became famous in their lifetimes. These stories are connected to their homes and buildings they occupied at some important point in their lives. But, in spite of their significance, finding historical homes and dedicated tours of them is often very hard. For everyone who is interested in this type of visits and experiences, here are the best resources to find historical home tours near you.

Online Forums

Most historical online forums are frequented by people who genuinely love history. A lot of them are really interested in their local past and notable figures, which is why they are among those people who will have plenty of insight on historical homes in a certain area. Additionally, others who visited these tours will usually share their experiences and provide valuable information on them. Because of this, niche historical forums are one of the best resources when it comes to finding historical homes in your vicinity.

Official Regional Websites

Official websites of cities, towns, counties and parishes are not something many people regularly frequent. But, on them, there is a big chance that some content was posted about historical homes in their territory. Sometimes, these homes are big tourist attractions, but on other occasions, they might be something only the locals know about. Because of this, an official website for that wider location will have all the reason to spread information about them and their tours. This way, they are boosting their local economy by bringing in tourists, so they are definitely worth checking out.

Biographies of Historical Characters

Many notable people from history have a lot of publications written about them. Those who lived in a more distant past will often have a range of books on them, allowing for even more sources of information. In all of these books, the life of the individual in question will be detailedly examined, along with places he or she lived in during the course of it. With good biographical books on local figures, anyone can find locations and addresses of historical homes and there is a good chance that many of these will be near them.

Using Social Media

Often, when you have a question, the best way to answer it is to ask people about it. Social media is here for this exact purpose and it can be utilized to find historic homes. By simply asking people on some of the big social media networks whether they know any worthwhile locations like this in their area, you will be able to find many hidden gems in a matter of hours. The great thing about social media is sharing, so do not forget to ask your social media friends to spread the word about your questions. This will generate you even more potential answers about interesting locations and historical tours of those same places.

With these resources, you will be able to find plenty of great historical homes and tours near your place of residence.


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